LEGRO PLUS s.r.o. has been operating on the Czech market since 1998 and it was found through transformation of juridical subjectivity of its executives, whose records in consulting services go back to till 1990.

The company supplies global services for entrepreneurs and municipalities in the area of economic, tax a legal advisory. The company is able to cover all topics related to whole life cycle of the entrepreneurial subject - from establishing the company, via business plans development, till the termination of the company and bankruptcy management.

Part of the services provided is ensuring the financing of the business plans from resources available (national grants, EU funds, Norwegian funds, etc.), implementation of Quality System Management (ISO, OHSAS, HACCP, ISMS), corporate processes optimization, accounting and tax agenda management, legal and tax advisory.

Motto of LEGRO PLUS s.r.o. is "...so you can harvest the fruits of our effort."