PETALON GROUP is an association of independent legal entities. Its role is to coordinate the members in the area of support, development and professionalization of the business environment, and fulfilling broad spectrum of needs of its customers. The defined area of activities provided by the group is consulting and global services for executing the business intentions of the associations' clients.

Our belief is to provide services of high quality while emphasizing the benefits for the client, not only targeting our own profits.

Our need to associate is based on the fact, that we cannot achieve desired outcomes severally; the associated companies are of different specialization, as well as operating in different geographic area. We aim to utilize synergy effect of mutual compatibility of the business activities that are represented by each particular member.

What we have in common is common sense, long-lasting experience in different profession and businesses, preciseness in business issues solutions, ability and willingness to achieve defined targets. We want to share these values with our customers, and we want to welcome them on board.

Daniel Hilbert

chairman of PETALON GROUP


Founder members

Institut průmyslového managementu, spol. s r.o.
LEGRO Consult, s.r.o.
LEGRO PLUS, s.r.o.
solit project, s.r.o.


Nováková & Adam Advokátní kancelář